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We at Guia do Esporte are pleased to offer you access to the Service, Platform, Website.

Launched in mid-2016, the Sports Guide is an online platform to find places, products, services, events, destinations and content for the practice of various sports in Brazil and worldwide. The Guide generates and distributes content, has the mission to connect, inspire and transform more and more people through sports and a healthy life, investing in technology, communication and quality information. The content of the Site is related to sports, indoor and outdoor physical activities, leisure, fun, culture, health, well-being, sustainability, travel, technology, science, lifestyle.  


We Are Responsible For

  • Act as producers, curators, distributors and facilitators of Content.
  • Offer a quality information system, with the maximum possible transparency. 
  • Helping people find places, products, services, events and content for healthy living.
  • Contribute and encourage sports, a healthy lifestyle, experiences.

The Site Offers:


  • National and International Events Agenda
  • Event Registration (collaborative tool and free of charge)
  • Blog (news, articles, tips, releases) in Brazil and in the World
  • Content Registration (collaborative tool and free of charge)
  • Newsletter (sending content by email)
  • Directory of places, products, services with search tool by category and location 



  • Online store with products and services for sports, health, wellness, travel
  • Reviews / User ratings for locations, products, services
  • Integration with various Technology Tools
  • Campaigns, sweepstakes, promotions, contests
  • Inspirational content for you to live the best experiences 

Welcome to the Sports Guide!

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